The photo’s on this website are only 70% quality of the originals.
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The photos show some of the members enjoying themselves, May to July 2015…

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Gallery 1


photoshoot-011w1500 photoshoot-013 photoshoot-016 photoshoot-020 photoshoot-021 photoshoot-030 photoshoot-033 photoshoot-040 photoshoot-041 photoshoot-045 photoshoot-049 photoshoot-051 photoshoot-061

photoshoot-129w1500 photoshoot-119 photoshoot-109 photoshoot-108 photoshoot-106 photoshoot-096 photoshoot-088 photoshoot-083 photoshoot-080 photoshoot-078w1500 photoshoot-077 photoshoot-073 photoshoot-067 photoshoot-064